The cost effective way to stay legal 

It seems as though almost every month a new rule and regulation is introduced making 'Health and Safety in the workplace' one of the biggest growth areas of business compliance.

But where do you start?
How do you know which regulations you must comply with?
How can you manage the cost of compliance?

Assigning health and safety responsibilities internally for small businesses has proven to be costly:

  • Training Costs to perform functions of a safety officer. 
  • Salary payments to an individual while performing training. 
  • Legislation changes leads to more training or familiarisation.
  • Personnel Changes leaves the company exposed.

HSRS can provide you with the minimum requirements to stay legal without breaking the bank thus allowing you to focus on your core business functions.   

HSRS can provide your company with the Documents & Advice:

  • To meet the Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • To deal with any Health & Safety inspection.
  • To negotiate your Employers Liability Insurance premium come renewal time.